Are You an Accidental Christian?

by Dean Meadows

Several years ago, I was journeying home after my first year of Bible college, traveling from Colorado to Virginia. It was a long, arduous drive (over 24 hours) because I got lost. I didn’t know where I was going and it seemed like there was no help available! Thankfully, by sheer accident, I found myself on the right road and made it home. I was relieved! Later, I would laugh about that journey and label it, “How I accidentally drove from Colorado to Virginia.”

Now, what does all this have to do with the Christian faith? More than you might assume. Have you arrived at your Christianity the same way I arrived home, by accident? Is it possible to conclude that Christianity is true without knowing why? It is not only possible but too often the default condition of many in the Church.

Here is a question I’d like for you to ask and answer on a sheet of paper: Why do you believe what you believe? Now, was your answer similar to one of the following:

  1. I know it is right in my heart.
  2. I had a religious/spiritual experience.
  3. I used to live a bad life and then something changed and I knew it was God.
  4. Christianity is the only thing I’ve ever known.

If your answer resembles any of these four, you’re an accidental Christian. While these are all legitimate, personal explanations/reasons for being a Christian, how beneficial would they be when used in conversation with non-Christians? In my experience, these answers are not very practical for many reasons…


Are You an Accidental Christian? | Apologia Institute