Equipping Kids to Defend the BibleEquipping Kids to Defend the Bible: Answers to Common Questions

By Eric Metaxas

In 2014, Florida father Paul Rubeo got a troubling voicemail from his son's fifth-grade teacher:

"I noticed that he has a book — a religious book," the teacher said. "He's not permitted to read those books in my classroom."

That book was the Bible. Paul's son, Giovanni, told his dad that the teacher saw him reading his Bible during a free reading time and ordered the boy to put it on her desk.

Paul contacted the school, and after discussions with lawyers, school administrators eventually relented, apologizing for the teacher's actions and formally updating school policy to affirm that students can read Bibles during open reading times. But Giovanni isn't the first young person to experience hostility toward the Bible at school. Nor will he be the last. Even when reading Scripture isn't outright banned, it is not uncommon for the Bible to be ridiculed by teachers and other students.

As parents, how can we help our children remain confident in the Bible? We need to explain to them the reasons why we know the Bible is accurate, reliable and relevant. And we need to prepare them to respond to the questions and uninformed criticisms they may encounter.

Author and speaker Eric Metaxas has written several books on the impact of the Christian faith and the Bible throughout history. In his book, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (But Were Afraid to Ask), he engages in a Q&A with a skeptic. Here, he responds to common objections that students may hear concerning the Bible…


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