Evil, Morality, and the Most Important Issue for Apologists with Drs. Clay Jones & Craig Hazen

By Misty Callahan

I’m still pretty green when it comes to the world of apologetics. I’ve only been researching the truth claims of Christianity for about four years. As such, it’s always good to get advice and insight from those who have navigated similar waters. Thankfully, I was able to catch up with Dr. Clay Jones, author of “Why Does God Allow Evil” and Dr. Craig Hazen, Director of Christian Apologetics at Biola.

About two weeks ago, I attended an Apologetics Conference organized by Biola and hosted by Moody Church here in Chicago. The conference featured lectures from apologetics veterans like Craig Hazen, Clay Jones, J.P. Moreland and Stephen C. Meyer. Between catching lectures and manning the C.S. Lewis Institute table, I was a kid in a candy store; even if I did spend too much money on books!

After the lectures, I bumped into Clay Jones and Craig Hazen in the hallway and had a great chat about evil, morality, agnosticism, and engaging today’s culture. They were kind enough to spend time with me and share their thoughts.

General Questions With Clay Jones

Q: What is the most pressing issue you think that Christian apologists should focus on right now?

Clay Jones: Obviously I think the issues related to why God allows evil are huge. For instance, Sam Harris in his book, “A letter to a Christian Nation”, begins by talking about how right now, somewhere in the world, a child is probably being raped and murdered. He says: why would a good God allow that to happen? And then he says: there can’t be a God because look at the evil that’s going on in the world. We need to answer atheists like Sam Harris and others and say God has good reason for the things that He’s doing and allowing. I deal with the fairness of hell and the destiny of the unevangelized. Everybody’s asking: how can hell be fair…


Evil, Morality, and the Most Important Issue for Apologists with Drs. Clay Jones & Craig Hazen | A Clear Lens