‘I Believe in Science!’ – Something No One Should Say

by Arthur Khachatryan

I believe in science,” said Hillary Clinton. “We should not have people in office who do not believe in facts and truths and modern science,” said Leonardo DiCaprio. What these two have in common with the general public is their misunderstanding of the nature of science and the lack of appreciation of the number of philosophical presuppositions on which science depends – assumptions that must be taken at face value without any proofs of their own.

What is Science?

“Science” in its most basic form is a word that comes from the Latin, “scientia,” which simply means “knowledge.” In modern times, the primary definition has gotten far more specific with direct ties to the study of the physical world. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it this way:

The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

So the way we see “knowledge” has evolved to encompass a far smaller world than it once did from the more general any knowledge to a far more specific, ‘knowledge of the physical world.’ The problem, of course, is that it’s evidently false that the only form of knowledge is that of the material world. Some realities are not accessed or accessible by the material world. It is arguably far more accurate to use science by its classical Latin definition.

Should We Believe in Science? Is Science the Only Form of Knowledge?

It’s unfortunate that the modern understanding of science, in general, has been commonly limited to merely the sphere of the physical sciences. The physical sciences are not, cannot possibly be the only means of gaining knowledge. The view that science (physical sciences) is the only means of gaining knowledge about reality is called scientism – a patently false proposition. There are truths about reality that not only can science not have access to but on which science actually depends. In fact, the proposition that science is the only way to gain truths about reality cannot itself be scientifically justifiable, and therefore, is self-refuting…


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