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Apologetics Hit and MiscReview: God’s Crime Scene for Kids

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Apologetics Hit and MiscDoes Science Rule Out a First Human Pair? Geneticist Richard Buggs Says No

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Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsJesus Among Other Gods: Youth Edition by Ravi Zacharias $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsThe Unexpected Journey: Conversations with People Who Turned from Other Beliefs to Jesus by Thom S. Rainer $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsSimply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N. T. Wright $1.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsThe Secret Battle of Ideas about God: Overcoming the Outbreak of Five Fatal Worldviews by Jeff Myers $2.99

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Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsHow to Be a Christian in a Brave New World by Joni Eareckson Tada $1.99