No More Excuses: 7 Reasons Your Entire Church Needs Apologetics

By Steve Kozak

Not only the word but also the idea of Apologetics seems all the craze these days. More people are studying, and more Christian colleges and seminaries are offering full degrees in apologetics. Which I think is great. I even have one of those specialized degrees. Despite the increase in interest and popularity in the discipline, there is anything but popularity when trying to push the practice of defending the faith into youth groups and the wider church. It seems that getting apologetics beyond the confines of a highly specialized classroom full of Jesus nerds and to the pulpit is like having dessert every night. Everyone wants dessert, but having it every night is simply not reality. Or even good for you. After all, it is a lot of effort. Preparing weekly sermons, the daily work of pastoring, church administration and management, and a slew of other tasks. Who has time for one more thing?

Well, the primary job of a church is to make disciples. And that, of course, happens in a variety of different methods the church uses. Some believe that apologetics is one of those methods. However, I would take it further than just a method. Apologetics is a key piece of the disciple-making process. Whether you are a youth pastor, senior pastor, volunteer, or anyone in between; if you hope to grow disciples who make disciples, apologetics is a must.

So take a minute and think of all the excuses for not making apologetics a part of your ministry, because I am about to rid you of all of them.

7. Apologetics is not a separate, highly specialized discipline

Yes, the modern practice of apologetics was birthed from academia. But it did not stay there—in large part because historically, apologetics was not thought as a separate discipline or degree. It is part of the Christian life, part of being a disciple, and part of the process of sanctification. Think of this way. No pastor would dream of removing theology from a Sunday sermon because properly understood, theology is the study of or how we think about God. Likewise, we wouldn’t consider removing the practice of evangelization, or the missional work of spreading the gospel message. Of course not. Well if theology is how we think about God, apologetics is how we talk about God in the public square…


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