Scientific Evidence for the Beginning of the Universe

by Dr. Samuel Inbaraja S

The Big Bang theory of the french physicist and Catholic priest Lamaitre, proposes that this universe had a beginning. There is accumulating evidence which has led all astronomers to change over to this theory. Unlike steady state theory, which postlates an infinite time line, Big Bang theory proposes a beginning to space-time and energy. This beginning is called Singularity and in the singularity there is no space, time or energy. No laws of physics either existed. The singularity exploded and gave rise to space time and energy and the laws of nature also started and came into existence.

This theory is well supported by multiple lines of evidence:

  1. Space time theorems – There are around 120 space time theorems which propose a beginning and support big bang theory.
  2. GALAXIES ARE MOVING AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER “In 1912, Vesto Slipher calculated the speed and direction of “spiral nebulae” by measuring the change in the wavelengths of light coming from them. He realized that most of them were moving away from us. We now know these objects are galaxies, but a century ago astronomers thought these vast collections of stars might actually be within the Milky Way”. [1] 

    “In 1924, Edwin Hubble figured out that these galaxies are actually outside the Milky Way. He observed a special type of variable star that has a direct relationship between its energy output and the time it takes to pulse in brightness. By finding these variable stars in other galaxies, he was able to calculate how far away they were. Hubble discovered that all these galaxies are outside our own Milky Way, millions of light-years away…


Scientific Evidence for the Beginning of the Universe