The cause of the origin of the universe

By God Evidence

What is the cause of the origin of the universe? Perhaps every thinking person has pondered this question at some point. The natural universe (which includes the properties of space, time, matter, and energy) came into being at the cosmological event known as the Big Bang. Because it is a logical absurdity to suggest that something can cause itself, the cause of the universe must necessarily be spaceless, timeless, immaterial, and energy-less. Indeed, it would every bit as absurd to suggest that a person could give birth to himself as it would be to suggest that something within the natural universe could be the cause of the natural universe.

An atheist is certainly free to reject God as the cause for the universe. However, in doing so, he/she must invoke some other spaceless, timeless, immaterial, and energy-less cause for the universe. He/she must also provide rational justification to support the proposed cause. The standard atheist response of, “I don’t know what caused the universe, but I will let science eventually figure it out” simply does not work in this situation. Why? Because science already has figured it out. And the answer which science provides is devastating to atheism:

The observer effect refers to the conclusion of modern physics that, prior to observation by a conscious observer, particles exist only in an immaterial form known as a possibility wave (or probability wave). It is only after an observation is made by a conscious observer that these possibilities “collapse into actuality,” thereby taking on material form. In short, modern physics has demonstrated that material things do not exist in the absence of a conscious observer. Readers who find this bizarre or difficult to understand are in good company. Even the world’s most elite physicists are amazed and puzzled by the observer effect. However, it has been repeatedly scientifically verified. Please click here and here to watch two videos which explain the observer effect.

Physicist Richard Conn Henry from Johns Hopkins University explains why this conclusion of modern physics has left atheists with no leg to stand on. Materialism (in which atheism is grounded) is the philosophical stance which says that matter is the ultimate reality (or the something-from-which-everything-else-comes). But modern physics rules out materialism, and leaves us with the inescapable conclusion that mind is the something-from-which-everything-else-comes…


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