The Tragedy of God Not Existing

by Tim Arndt

Ideas Have Consequences

Recently while reading Talking With Your Kids About God by Natasha Crain, I was convinced that an apologist should not only argue for God’s existence but also show why God makes a difference. People don’t argue about God’s existence in a vacuum. Their beliefs affect the whole of their lives. When we argue about whether or not God exists there is much at stake.

There are three things in particular that I think we lose when we lose God.


Many atheists will admit that they only have subjective meaning in life. In some cases, they even say the subjective meaning is better than having ultimate meaning. At an event, I’ve heard an atheist say that subjective meaning is like pizza. You enjoy eating it and then you’re done. The fact that it was only enjoyed temporarily doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.

This acceptance of subjective meaning troubles me. Say a person decides their meaning in life is to have a family and enjoy a peaceful, quiet life. That’s a perfectly fine thing to want, but what happens when they don’t get it? What if their family dies? What if their wife runs away with all the money and the kids despise him? What reason is there to live if their subjective meaning doesn’t pan out? Also, I think most people really aren’t content with subjective meaning. Why does everyone want to make an impact? A difference? Or be remembered? Because we long for a meaning that is greater than any temporary meaning we can create…


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