3 Reasons Why Belief In God Makes Sense

by Justin Brierley

Richard Dawkins began his famous book The God Delusion (Black Swan) by writing: ‘If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists by the time they put it down’. He went on to say that ‘faith-heads’ would never be persuaded, but that there was hope for the ‘open-minded’ as ‘such free spirits should need only a little encouragement to break free of the vice of religion altogether’.

In the ten years since the atheist penned those lines I have embarked on my own journey to examine whether Christian faith is the intellectual suicide that Dawkins claims. I have recorded hundreds of editions of my radio discussion show Unbelievable? between Christians and non-believers on the evidence for Christian faith.

Yet, despite hearing almost every conceivable objection from many of the world’s leading atheists, I have emerged more confident of the rational case for God than ever. Am I a ‘faith-head’ choosing to ignore the lack of evidence? No. On the contrary, I believe there is far more compelling evidence for the existence of God, than against.

Space doesn’t allow for the multiplicity of arguments that could be presented for belief in God, but if a sceptic were to ask me to sum up a few, I would offer the following three reasons…


3 Reasons Why Belief In God Makes Sense | Premier Christianity