Can the Gospels Be Integrated Together? One Scholar says Yes

by Sean McDowell

The claim that the Gospels contradict is one of the most common objections raised against the Christian faith. In the updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict, my father and I list dozens of books that aim to answer this charge.

And yet since the publication of Evidence this fall, I came across a 2017 book called The Four In One Gospel of Jesus, by Nikola Dimitrov, a scholar from Bulgaria. Quite impressively, he got an endorsement from N.T. Wright. Dimitrov spent over a decade studying the Gospels closely to offer an integrated, chronological account of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It’s a fascinating study that is helpful to anyone who wants to see how the various accounts may fit together. Here’s a quick interview related to his findings:

SEAN MCDOWELL: What motivated you to write a book aiming to chronologically integrate the four Gospels?

NIKOLA DIMITROV: Ever since I became a believer in 1992, I started reading the Bible. When I got to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, I couldn’t but notice many stories were the same, but not quite. That got me intrigued, which led to the idea to compile one chronological and contextual Gospel, so the readers could get the fullness of each story, without repetitions and without adding or taking away anything from the Bible text itself. I knew from experience that no unbeliever would read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John one right after another, but why not read one composite story about the life of the Greatest Person Who ever lived?

Also, in a post-enlightenment and predominantly secular society, many people argue that the four gospels contradict each other, which in turn hurts the credibility of the entire Bible. The Four In One Gospel of Jesus proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all these seeming “contradictions” are actually beautiful complementations.

All in all, my target audience would be pastors, leaders, preachers, history lovers and everyday Bible readers, as well as non-believers…


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