Christian Youths Leaving the Church: What Are We to Do?

by Arthur Khachatryan

According to Barna, 67% of Christians struggle with doubt1. “Over 33% of young adults said they feel like they can’t ask life’s most pressing questions in church and 23% said they had “significant intellectual doubts” about their faith.” Multiple independent surveys show that a large number of Christian youth falling away from their faith. This mass exodus appears to, at least in part, correlate with young adults entering their college life. Kids leave home and enter the world where their beliefs are going to be challenged at every step. An increasingly hostile world is imposing itself on our youth and has a far more dramatic impact on young Christians than most parents.

The Mass Exodus of Christian Youths Leaving the Church

“70 percent of young adults ages 23-30 stopped attending church regularly for at least a year between ages 18-22.” 3

“63% of teenaged Christians don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of the one true God. 51% don’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead. 68% don’t believe that the Holy Spirit is a real entity. Only 33% of churched youth have said that the church will play a part in their lives when they leave home.” 4. “About 50% [of the 78% who self-identified as religious “nones”] said a “lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention ‘science’ as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings, including one who said ‘I’m a scientist now, and I don’t believe in miracles.’ Others reference ‘common sense,’ ‘logic’ or a ‘lack of evidence’ – or simply say they do not believe in God.”” 5. Many other studies paint a grim reality of the fading of Christian values and beliefs and an increasingly more secular West.

The World Has Always Been the World

If you’re a Christian parent, this is all extremely unsettling. But we must come to terms with the fact that the world has always been the world. Christians have seen opposition in various forms throughout the ages. The 21st century has seen the world find its weapons in the perceived intellectual prowess of secularism…


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