Christian Apologetics QuotesQuite a few otherwise intelligent men and women take it as established principle that we can know as true only what can be verified by empirical method of experimentation and observation. This is, for one thing, a notoriously self-refuting claim, inasmuch as it cannot itself be demonstrated to be true by any application of empirical method. David Bentley Hart (cited in, Is Science the Sole Means of Knowing Truth? No Chance)

Christian Apologetics QuotesThere are those within the church who are critical of Christian apologetics who point out its limitations. They will argue that presenting an apologetic for Christianity will not result in the person becoming a Christian. It is argued that people become followers of Jesus only by the calling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore apologetic arguments are not required. I will agree with this on one condition: I want those same people to agree that no one will become a Christian as a result of preaching, evangelism, missionary activity, prayer, Bible reading or any other human activity. If they will agree with this, then I will agree with them. I do believe that people become Christians by a work of the Holy Spirit. And I also believe that God uses preaching and evangelism and all the other things, including apologetics, in the process of calling that person. — Stephen J. Bedard (from, Apologetics Will Not Make Anyone a Christian)

Christian Apologetics QuotesJesus’ use of persuasive arguments demonstrates that He was both a philosopher and an apologist who rationally defended His worldview in discussions with some of the best thinkers of His day. This intellectual approach does not detract from His divine authority but enhances it. Jesus’ high estimation of rationality and His own application of arguments indicates that Christianity is not an anti-intellectual faith. Followers of Jesus today, therefore, should emulate His intellectual zeal, using the same kinds or arguments He Himself used. Douglas Groothuis (from, Was Jesus an Apologist)

Christian Apologetics QuotesIf there is no God, then humankind is not designed, purposed, or planned: there is nothing we are intended to be. All that we hold dear, all of our dreams, ambitions, goals, and accomplishments are pure accidents of atoms. Furthermore, no matter how high we squirm up the greasy pole of existence, no matter how enlightened we become, all of it – the whole cathedral of human accomplishment – is destined to become no more than rubble, buried beneath the debris of the end of the universe: utterly ruined, pitch dark, cold as death, achingly alone. ― Andy Bannister (from, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist: Or the dreadful consequences of bad arguments)

Christian Apologetics QuotesYoung Christians are getting barraged with tough questions about the faith at earlier rates than previous generations. As a result, many either compartmentalize their faith or abandon it entirely. If we want young people to hold firm to their faith in our increasingly secular culture, they need solid reasons.— Josh McDowell (from, An Interview with Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell)

Christian Apologetics QuotesMan’s love of truth is such that when he loves something which is not the truth, he pretends to himself that what he loves is the truth, and because he hates to be proved wrong, he will not allow himself to be convinced that he is deceiving himself. So he hates the real truth for what he takes to his heart in its place. ― Os Guinness (from, Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion)

Christian Apologetics QuotesIt is rather ironical that in the sixteenth century some people resisted advances in science because they seemed to threaten belief in God; whereas in the twentieth century scientific ideas of a beginning have been resisted because they threatened to increase the plausibility of belief in God.  ― John Lennox, (from, God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?)

Christian Apologetics QuotesThe current understanding of happiness identifies it as a pleasurable feeling. Pleasant feelings are surely better than unpleasant ones, but the problem today is that people are obsessively concerned with feeling happiness; people are slaves to their feelings. Feelings are wonderful servants but terrible masters. ― J.P. Moreland (from, The Lost Virtue of Happiness: Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life)

Christian Apologetics QuotesBiased people are seen as prejudicial and unfair, arrogant and overly confident of their position. Nobody wants to be identified as someone who is biased or opinionated. But make no mistake about it, all of us have a point of view; all of us hold opinions and ideas that color the way we see the world. Anyone who tells you that he (or she) is completely objective and devoid of presuppositions has another more important problem: that person is either astonishingly naive or a liar. — J Warner Wallace (from, Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels)

Christian Apologetics QuotesAs my readership grew, people started sharing more and more of my blog posts. Those shares started bringing a consistent wave of nonbelievers to my site. They began leaving comments on my posts challenging all kinds of truth claims about Christianity, and they were challenges I had never even considered. They told me there wasn’t any evidence Jesus ever existed, that the Bible was filled with errors, that evolution had replaced a need for God, that there was no evidence for God’s existence, and much more. I had been blogging about much simpler things—like good worship songs for young kids. These comments blew me away. I realized I was raising kids in a VERY different world than the one in which I grew up and that I was totally unprepared as a parent. Honestly, I was a bit shocked as well at the realization that in 30-some years of being a Christian, the church had never confronted me with these issues. So, I launched into an intense reading journey to learn everything I could about apologetics and turned my blog into a place where I then wrote to equip other parents with what I had learned…Parents today are sending their kids into a world with a Mount Everest of faith challenges yet think they can prepare them with a few jumping jacks of memory verses, mealtime prayers, and weekly church. This is simply naïve. — Natasha Crain (from, How to Talk with Your Kids About God: Interview with Natasha Crain)