Proofs for the Soul: 5 Reasons you are more than your body

by Khaldoun A Sweis

I struggled thinking “God and Christianity–is this for real? Is this all a cosmic joke!” … when my son died.  I needed to have real evidence for my beliefs, other wise they are empty and emotional poetry!  I looked for evidence, and what I found was just amazing!   Will I really meet my son who died in 2006? The answer to that question depended on whether soul was real or not.  “The hope of another life” wrote Will Durant “gives us courage to meet our own death, and to bear with the death of our loved ones; we are twice armed if we fight with faith.”

Francis Crick in his book, The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul claims that that the astonishing hypothesis is that there is no soul.   We never had do not have and will never have a soul.”  Is he right? I contend and argue that he is dead wrong!

After looking and rediscovering the evidence for the soul, my faith grew stronger and unstoppable (well at least for now!).

It is my conviction that when one does look at the failed explanations of naturalism for the soul, will, after examining the evidence concede that there is indeed a soul.  This is not a “soul-in-the-gaps” fallacy.  If it was, I would have just defaulted to the soul to fill in the lack of explanation.  But I will not do that.  I will provide positive evidence, if you will give me a hearing.

Please note that the soul, if it exits, would be immaterial because its events are immaterial (thoughts, desires, intentions, images) it cannot be proven using material things like CAT scans or MRI scans.  So the criteria for “proving” it would be different than the criteria for proving a microwave oven exists.

Now in discussing the soul, there are many views (materialism, scientism, emergent properties, property dualism) Substance dualism is the view that  most people who ever lived have.  It is that there are two substances that make up what it means to be human: the spiritual and the physical…


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