The Anthropological Argument

by Scott Dunkley

Logic & Light has previously explored the powerful evidence for God offered by the Cosmological and Teleological Arguments.  And while these arguments offer a strong, logical, and scientific basis for belief in God, they do not tell us much about who God is or which religion has the correct view of Him.  So, we now turn our attention to those arguments that begin to build the case for a belief in the specific God of the Bible.

The Anthropological Argument is one such example.  While this argument has taken many forms, at its most basic level, it seeks to provide evidence for God based on the uniqueness of mankind.

Mankind’s Unique Position

It is a central doctrine of Judaism and Christianity that mankind is uniquely made in “the image of God.”  Genesis 1:26-27 describes how “God created man in His own image…male and female, He created them” and gave them “dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky and over the livestock and over all the earth…”  Humanity is the only thing described in the Bible as being made in God’s image, so we are unique in this regard.  Further, Judeo-Christian theology is unique vs. other religions in making this claim.

If this doctrine is true, we should expect to see clear and unique indicators in humanity that are not present elsewhere.  The Anthropological Argument basically looks at mankind to see if this doctrine accurately describes what we see.  In the end, we will observe that not only does humanity clearly reflect the “image of God,” but it does so in a way that cannot be adequately explained by other religions or Naturalism.  In short, the Anthropological Argument demonstrates the existence of the biblical God by proving the unique claims that the Bible, and only it, make about the nature of mankind…


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