Use Christian Apologetics Christianly

by Amy K. Hall

As you’re using Christian apologetics, never forget we need to do so Christianly.

At the beginning of Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth, she argues that Christians in every profession ought to think carefully about how the Christian worldview shapes and directs how they do their work. (Matt Perman’s application of Christianity to business is one example of someone who does this well.)

Apologetics is no different. What makes our apologetics Christian isn’t merely the arguments we use or the conclusions we’re arguing for, and it doesn’t just mean arguing morally—with honesty, respect, etc. Our apologetics work is Christian when it conforms to the shape of the Gospel, reflecting the person and work of Jesus to the world.

That might sound a little abstract, so listen to an example from Total Truth of this kind of application of the Christian worldview to apologetics-type work:

By God’s grace, we can make a significant difference within our sphere of influence—but only as we “crucify” our craving for success, power, and public acclaim, “If anyone would come after me,” Jesus said, “let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). If we long to be given the mind of Christ, we must first be willing to submit to the pattern of suffering He modeled for us. We should expect the process of developing a Christian worldview to be a difficult and painful struggle—first inwardly, as we uproot the idols in our own thought life, and then outwardly, as we face the hostility of a fallen and unbelieving world. Our strength for the task must come from spiritual union with Christ, recognizing that suffering is the route to being conformed to Him and remade into His image.

Questions like, “Whom should I talk to about Christ? And why? And how? At what cost? And for what purpose?” are all questions affected by the Christian worldview. Our society is constantly pressing in on us, attempting to conform us to its values and goals. Because of this, the Christian answers to the above questions might not be as obvious as you’re assuming. We need to think through this…


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