5 Reasons to Start Your Religious Quest with Christianity

by David Black

My guess is you’re reading this because you’re interested in spiritual matters. While much of the website is written to encourage Christians, I know that some of you visiting the site are not. If you are a “spiritual” person and are seeking to better understand world religions, then this post if for you.

The following are five reasons why a thoughtful person seeking religious truth should start with Christianity. I originally heard these five reasons in an apologetics lecture by Dr. Craig Hazen of Biola University. Those interested in exploring these more should check out one of his lectures (start around 14:15) or read his apologetics novel Five Sacred Crossings.

And now the five reasons:

1)      Christianity is testable. Christianity is the only religion that is objectively testable. It is testable because the truth or falsehood of Christianity is based on a historical event: the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible itself says as much in 1 Corinthians 15:14 when Paul says, “if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.

If you are serious about seeking truth then start with the religion that is based on a historical event and actually examine the evidence for yourself. The New Testament accounts of Jesus are some of the most historically verifiable ancient texts available. There are contemporary account written by non-Christians as well that prove Jesus’ existence.

Nearly every modern New Testament scholar, even atheists, agnostics and followers of other religions, affirm a set of minimal facts about Jesus. Dr. Gary Habermas of Liberty University has done much research to advance these minimal facts about Jesus. Some of these are…


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