Christian college student turned atheist — can he come back to faith? 

An important year-end message from Joe Whitchurch, VP, Campus Operations:

On the many university campuses where Ratio Christi has a presence, we had a great 2017 with 83 fully established Ratio Christi chapters plus about 100 more in various stages of development. Our chapters are beacons of light to Christian students, those who are not Christians, and those who have walked away from the Christian faith. Not only do RC students learn how to defend their faith against skeptical attack, but they also engage other groups and individuals with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether through large events publicizing the great reasons for faith in Jesus Christ or through one-on-one conversations free of harsh rhetoric, these RC chapter members are making a difference. Creating an environment where honest questions can be asked and discussed without fear of being ridiculed or judged, having honest discussions about important cultural topics that are relevant on campus and in culture–these are the distinctives of Ratio Christi.

For example, UNC Greensboro student Josh Johnstone began attending RC meetings. Unbeknownst to many of the club members, Josh was a former Christian who turned atheist as he collided with the skeptical milieu of his college campus. He had abandoned his faith because he could not reconcile it with serious objections that questioned the existence of God and also the Christian faith. How could he be an intellectually honest person when Christianity didn’t hold up under scrutiny? After several years of being an atheist, Josh grew despondent. But we’ll let Josh tell you the rest and the role Ratio Christi played:

Through the help of the church he was attending, the prayers of a family member, and the Spirit-led work of Ratio Christi, Josh recommitted his life to Jesus Christ.  And this is just one of many accounts of how the Holy Spirit is effectively using Ratio Christi in the lives of college students.
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Your monetary gift to Ratio Christi at year’s end will reach more students like Josh — not by avoiding alternative worldviews but by addressing them with the thought and life transforming reason of Christ.  

Yours for a fruitful New Year in Christ,

Joe Whitchurch, MA
VP, Campus Operations