Defending Your Faith 101: God’s Existence

by Teri Dugan

There are a growing number of people today who seriously doubt the existence of God, or are skeptical of the God of the Christian Bible. This trend does not include hard-core atheists (you know, the ones that get really angry when you try to talk about God or His existence) because they have always been around. However, we are seeing growth in what has now become the third largest religious category worldwide known as the “nones”  (no religious affiliation). This has been notable since the end of twentieth century and, in my view, one of the biggest reasons is the apparent divide between God and science.

Science classes are often where the battle begins for the minds and hearts of young people today, as well as many adults. This is where you can find ideology threatening truth. When it comes to the topic of life’s origin atheists and secular evolutionists deny scientific evidence that points to the existence of God as the Creator.

Public school curriculum is based on secular humanism and evolutionary philosophy, not science. Evolutionary philosophy is founded on presuppositions that accept only evidence that fits the evolutionary philosophical model. Students in our public schools and universities are given selected information that supports the established teaching of evolution and its philosophical premises. Students are not given, nor are they allowed to evaluate, any evidence that points towards the possibility of an intelligently designed creation.

Science is not an enemy of Christian thinkers. When one takes a truly open examination of the evidence, without any preconceived ideas, it will be easy to see where the science leads. It ultimately takes much more faith to force the evidence into a paradigm that does not allow for the possibility of a Creator than one that does…


Defending Your Faith 101: God’s Existence | Truth, Faith, & Reason