Defending Your Faith 101: The Teleological Argument

by Teri Dugan

The “Teleological Argument” is an argument for the existence of God based on the design factors we see in and around us. There is a definite “fine tuning” of constants in our Universe that must be balanced at levels as thin as a razor’s edge, otherwise life as we know it would not exist. However, these factors are never discussed in public education as being design factors because the idea of an “intelligent designer” is off the table, deemed as a religious concept, even though there is solid scientific evidence to support it.

Public school curriculum is based on secular humanism and evolutionary philosophy, not science. Evolutionary philosophy is founded on presuppositions that accept only evidence that fits the evolutionary philosophical model. Students in our public schools and universities are given selected information that supports the established teaching of evolution and its philosophical premises and are not given, nor are they allowed to evaluate, any evidence that points towards the possibility of an intelligently designed creation, yet they use the word “design” in their narratives.

For example, a high school anatomy class was watching an educational video, produced by an esteemed science curriculum contributor, on ‘The Anatomy And Mechanics of The Human Hand.’ In an excited voice the Narrator exclaimed, “This is evolution’s grandest design.”  It was astonishing that he not only assumed it to be fact that our hands had evolved, but he held the belief that evolution has the ability to ‘design’ something.

How can a random process like evolution, that is non-living and non-thinking, be praised for its design? Isn’t design an intelligent action that has intention and purpose? The problem with secular education is the complete rejection of any evidence that points to anything other than Darwinian mechanisms (evolution) for the origin and design of life…


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