Do You Love God with Only Your Head… or Your Heart?

by Lisa Quintana

As a Christian Apologist (one who gives good reasons for placing my trust in Christ), I enjoy learning, contemplating, and delving into the deep theological issues of the faith. Despite what some may perceive as a “debating discipline,” I didn’t get an education in apologetics because I want to win arguments. Rather, my Master’s degree in Apologetics is a call to love God with all my mind.

Prior to this, however, I have loved God with all my heart to the neglect of my mind. At one point along my faith journey, I discovered that my experiences with God, in of themselves, were not taken seriously by skeptics. I needed better responses than: “I felt God’s presence,” or “The Bible just spoke to me.” Although both of these experiences are true for me, they still do not answer the hard questions about why my faith in Christianity is true.

I’ve come to embrace that faith should not be based solely in my experiences with God. The faith journey of a Christian needs to include reflectivity by employing the life of the mind. That is difficult for some of us because we tend to favor one or the other: either loving God with all of our hearts or loving Him with all of our minds. It’s the “head-versus-the-heart” kind of faith, but does it have to be that way?

Christian churches tend to fall into these two kinds of camps, as well. There are Bible-based congregations that are inclined to avoid anything associated with the Holy Spirit or “touchy-feely” kind of experiences. Then, there are churches that lean heavily on the Spirit and personal expressions to the neglect of frequently teaching the Bible or doctrinal truths. I think that God would want churches to embrace both: the mind and the heart combined best expresses the fullness of faith in Christ…


Do You Love God with Only Your Head… or Your Heart? | Think Divinely