Does Christian Apologetics Compete with the Holy Spirit?

By Arthur Khachatryan

I’ve been involved with Christian apologetics since 2005; it’s one of the catalysts for my conviction in the Christian faith. I know how it influenced me personally and so, I know how valuable it can be. While I was an agnostic, I read dozens of books and my heart was convicted of the truth of the Christian worldview. This is why I’m often saddened and confused when I see or hear Christians disparage Christian apologetics. To be frank, I don’t understand any of the objections I’ve seen leveraged against Christian apologetics.

A typical complaint against Christian apologetics goes something like this:

“You are testing your faith. Do you not think the Holy Spirit is capable of reaching anyone, at any time? Do you think that attempting to answer the questions that represent the pure and human need to intelelctualize are helping those people, or are they hurting you? You think you are smarter than Satan? Where is the astronomical proof of the star of Bethlehem? Who was there when Mary was informed by the angel she would become pregnant with the Son of God? How accurate are the words of the four Gospels? Who took notes? Who counted the fishes and the loaves?”

Now, let’s unpack the various portions of the typical complaint starting with the basics.

What is Christian Apologetics?

The word “apologetics” is derived from the Greek, apologia, which means a reasoned defense of a particular position. In general, a reasoned defense of one’s position is a good thing. It means that one’s view has the backing of rational arguments; that there are good reasons for trusting the position to be true. So why should it be different for Christianity? Why would one assume this to be the case? Given the fact that there is a biblical precedence for apologetics employed throughout the biblical narratives, why would we think it to be unbiblical? We want good reasons for trusting in any number of things in our lives – our cars, our planes, our spouses. Why would we want to turn off our minds in approaching God?


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