How Christian Apologetics Can Transform Your Faith

by Melissa Carpenter

I grew up in a Christian home and was so devout as a young girl that I wanted to join a convent and become wedded to God (although I was not Catholic). So it might be surprising to know that I considered myself to be agnostic by the time that I entered college.

I had real doubts about the validity of Christianity and I must admit the arrogance of believing that I was too intelligent to be a believer. Although I continued to attend church on weekends home from college with my parents, I didn’t really feel the connection to the Holy Spirit that I had felt in my youth.

This continued throughout my college years until I entered medical school. There I met a fellow student who was Catholic and I began attending church with her. I felt truly connected to God once again. However, after some personal challenges and medical problems, I felt once again alienated from God. In fact, on some level, I blamed God for my struggles.

Ten years later I married my husband and we determined that we both wanted to raise our children to have faith in God. We began attending church, but I continued to be plagued with doubts at times about the nature of God and my connection to him.

My Introduction to the world of Christian Apologetics

In 2016, as I was looking at ways to pass on the Christian faith to my children, I came across a book called Cold Case Christianity for Kids (affiliate link). It was a book that proposed to investigate the claims of the Bible in the manner in which a cold case detective would. I thought my boys would certainly be interested in it. I bought the book and while pre-reading it became fascinated by what I discovered. I was also very excited.

In those pages was the beginning of the answers that I had been looking for since my teenage years.

There J. Warner Wallace presented the substantial amount of evidence that Christianity is true.

I decided to buy the adult version of the book, Cold Case Christianity, (affiliate link) and consumed it in a matter of a few days. This book opened up to me the evidence for the Christian worldview that I had been searching for since I was a young adult.

I felt a renewed faith in God and the message of the Bible. It was life-changing.

When I mention to others that Christian apologetics gave new depth to my faith, I am invariably met with confused stares followed by the question “What is apologetics?”…


How Christian Apologetics Can Transform Your Faith | Melissa Carpenter Writes