If Not You, Then Who?: J Warner Wallace Gives Five Reasons to Support The Poached Egg

by Greg West

It is both a privilege and a joy to serve at Ratio Christi (RC) as (among other things*) the publisher and editor of The Poached Egg (TPE), a website that I founded in 2010 before partnering with RC in 2013 and coming on board as a full-time staff member in late 2014. Both RC and TPE are 100% donor funded (with the exception of the roughly $250 dollars a month brought in via our Amazon sales commissions). That means that without your generous financial support this ministry would not be able to continue.

If you’ve followed TPE regularly for any given amount of time, it’s very likely that you’ve noticed that I have a passion for Christian Apologetics. The reason for this is simple: After rejecting my Christian upbringing and faith in my early twenties due to doubt, it was through Christian Apologetics that I returned to the faith and recommitted my life to Christ after many years of wandering as a rather apathetic self-proclaimed agnostic and I personally know of and have heard of countless of others who have similar stories. It is an undeniable fact that that apologetics is one of the many ways that the Holy Spirit uses to draw people to Christ. Just a few of the many examples are C.S. Lewis, Lee Strobel, and former cold-case homicide detective and committed atheist, J. Warner Wallace.

Back in 2015, Wallace wrote a post on his Cold-Case Christianity website commemorating TPE’s 5th anniversary in which he offered five reasons that one should visit TPE often (which I’ll get to shortly) that I submit are also five great reasons to support TPE financially as well. In regards to TPE, Wallace stated:

Those of us who are committed to making the case for Christianity recognize the challenge of guiding the Church toward better answers and a more thoughtful, reasonable faith. It’s going to be a big job. In fact, it’s going to take a team. No one knows this better than Greg West, the creator of the Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network. Everyone who’s anyone in the world of Christian apologetics calls Greg a friend, and he’s become a team leader of sorts in our effort to change the direction of the church. If you haven’t visited The Poached Egg, let me encourage you to do so. Greg has created a unique resource and an important platform for those of us who want to contribute as Case Makers.

He then went on to say,

“I want to give you five reasons you should visit [The Poached Egg] often:

The Poached Egg is Introductory
Greg’s scans hundreds of apologetics blogs across the globe and selects the best posts for The Poached Egg. As a result, you’ll be introduced to the very best apologetics material and discover new resources.

The Poached Egg is Robust
Greg is an avid apologetics blog reader and his interests are varied. For this reason, his readers get a wide variety of apologetics offerings, including a variety of evidential, cultural, and presuppositional articles.

The Poached Egg is Current
Greg posts several times each day, and he stays on top of the apologetics world. His readers are the beneficiaries of Greg’s tenacity. If you want to know what’s been written in the past day or so, it’s probably posted on The Poached Egg.

The Poached Egg Is Inclusive
Greg is constantly searching for new talent; if you read The Poached Egg on a daily basis, you’re sure to discover the next Josh McDowell or Lee Strobel. Many of us got our start as a featured author on Greg’s website.

The Poached Egg is Empowering
Because Greg is willing to feature good articles, regardless of the stature of their authors, The Poached Egg is an excellent team-building instrument. Greg truly has developed a network of bloggers.”

I’m very grateful to J Warner Wallace for recommending TPE. His articles and books have aided me greatly as I continue to study and learn apologetics. Because of him, and the works of many others who’ve been featured on TPE, I have become more confident in my own faith and have learned how to be a more effective apologist, evangelist, and witness.

This Christmas Season, your financial gift to TPE will be doubled by a matching grant by one of RC’s principle donors. Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly donor, starting at as little as $5 a month (the price of a gourmet cup of coffee), or by giving a special one-time gift. You can do either by visiting my donation page here, because if not you, then who?

*I also serve as a member of the RC National Staff as well as a member of the RC Communications Team.