The Importance of Apologetics to the Christian Faith

by John Dunfee

I don’t believe in God. You just have to have faith. There is no evidence for God. Jesus never existed. I see no reasons to believe in Christianity. People don’t come to Christ through arguments. Why does a Good God allow Evil? Why are Christians such Hypocrites? Why are there so many contradictions in the Bible? Are the gospels reliable eyewitness accounts? Are eyewitnesses even reliable as a source of truth? Does God even exist?

These questions and objections to Christianity are good for Christians to ponder about. My first encounter with these questions destroyed my faith because I wasn’t exposed to good answers to these questions and objections. Apologetics deal with these questions and objections by providing a solid defense for the truth of Christianity. It deals with these questions by answering them with well thought answers. Objections are dealt with by providing well thought out responses and refutations. Apologetics is the cornerstone for the foundation that holds the truth and validity of Christianity. As Christians, we are commanded to study apologetics and give a defense for the hope within us (1st Peter 3:15). Isn’t also helpful to know why something is true in the first place? I would hope the answer is yes because otherwise you are left with unbiblical faith. This type of faith would be blind faith which is believing without evidence…


The Importance of Apologetics to the Christian Faith | Talk Apologetics