5 Lessons that Christians Should Learn from Skeptics

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The conflict between Atheist Skeptics and Christians is both tense and intense. While a noble few have put aside their emotions in order to engage the other side in a reasonable way, the majority have locked horns in dramatic shows of anger that cloud judgment and obscure any possible nuggets of truth or wisdom that may be worth consideration.

While it may be difficult for Christians to hear or to admit this, skeptics do challenge Christians to re-assess their beliefs and opinions in order to defend them, and this is no bad thing. A skeptical mindset – carefully and wisely exercised – may help any thoughtful person to sidestep pitfalls that could easily ensnare them in bad dogma and practices that impede rather than advance their cause.

Here are five lessons Christians would be wise to learn from Skeptics:


Ultimately the Atheist Skeptic has no authority but him or herself. If one is to be honest in their skepticism, they must come to the conclusion that everything is suspect and that any person or fact that can be trusted must be investigated and approved by their reason alone. This is a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach, but the only approach one can take when they are their own sole authority.

For a Christian, authority rests in God and his revelation in Christ Jesus. If God does, in fact, exist, he is ultimate being and the ultimate foundation of truth. Abstract standards of law, logic, morality, intelligibility, etc. come from his very nature. This nature is, in turn, revealed through the physical manifestation of Jesus Christ.

The historicity of Jesus and his teachings has been thoroughly defended for those who care to investigate it and form their own conclusions, but suffice it to say that plenty of skeptics have looked into it and become convinced by the historical facts (C.S. Lewis, Lee Strobel, Alister McGrath, Francis Collins, and John Warwick Montgomery, to name a few). Christians, of course, should be encouraged to look at the evidence for the truth of scripture. If it is indeed true, it will hold up to examination…


5 Lessons that Christians Should Learn from Skeptics | The Mentionables