7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Christian Parent Should Have

by Natasha Crain

I’m a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. When Christmas passes and I see the end of my yearly calendar, a wave of excitement washes over me and I bust out my computer to start planning for a new and improved year.

Whether you enjoy making resolutions or not, there are probably areas in your family’s spiritual life you’d like to better develop. There’s no time like a new year to take a good look at what those things are. In fact, I’d suggest there are (at least) 7 resolutions every Christian parent should have. Use this list as a springboard for reflection on what you’d like to see happen in your family’s spiritual growth this year.

And don’t miss number 3, where there’s a special announcement!

1. Read the Bible and pray daily.

Yes, I know. This first one is pretty predictable. We all know that Christians should be doing these basic spiritual disciplines on a daily basis. But let’s face it: It’s really easy to get off track. In the midst of getting our kids through the school year, we tend to prioritize what we view as necessities—like packing lunches—over things that are “optional.” As Christians, however, we should hardly see the time spent with God as optional. Need a good motivator? Require yourself to pray the following at the end of every day you don’t make time for Bible study and (deeper) prayer: “Dear God, I didn’t need to read the Bible or pray today. Amen.” I say that lightheartedly, but it’s a good way to remind ourselves how absurd it is to see spiritual disciplines as optional.

Resolving to read the Bible and pray daily requires that we answer two basic questions: when and what. For when, pick a time when you’re alert and can look forward to it. For me, this means the morning. I love snuggling up with the Bible at night before bed, but frankly I just fall asleep in the middle too often. I’m just not a night person. In the new year, I’m going to set my morning alarm 30 minutes early to create this time.

What is how you’ll use the time…


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