7 Simple Ways to Share Your Faith with Others

by Nicholas Davis

It’s a lot easier than you think to share the Christian faith with other people that God has placed in your life. You can start sharing your faith with others today. Here are seven of the most overlooked ways to share your faith with others.

1. Casually mention that you are a Christian who goes to church.

Let others know that you are a Christian. Don’t flaunt it in a super nauseating way or buy bumper stickers to put all over your car just to prove it. What I mean by this is organically show others in tangible, loving, and hospitable ways what a Christian looks like, and tell others that you are this way not because you’re a really nice person but because of what Jesus has done to forgive and love you.

Michael Horton once told a group of us in seminary that the problem with Christians is not that they aren’t where they should be. The problem with Christians is they aren’t who they should be wherever God has called them to be. I’m telling you, simply being open and honest with others about who you are will instantly open the doorway for future conversations with them. Be yourself.

2. Ask questions about what your friends, coworkers, and colleagues believe.

By asking open and honest questions about what other people believe, you’re getting the conversation started, and more opportunities to discuss the Christian faith will almost certainly come your way. Be sure to listen carefully and sympathetically to them, and seek to understand where they are coming from before interacting with them…


7 Simple Ways to Share Your Faith with Others | Core Christianity