8 Tests for the Accuracy of the New Testament Accounts

by Sheri Bell

Do the biographies of Jesus stand up to scrutiny? 8 Tests Say, “Yes!”

We’re all searching for truth. Can we trust that the Bible, the book that is central to our Christian faith, is true?

When Pastor Lee Strobel, an American Christian author and former investigative journalist, set out to discover the truth about Christianity, he met with New Testament scholar Craig Blomberg, an expert on the biographies of Jesus.

Having completed a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School, Strobel wanted to see if the biographies of Jesus stand up against scrutiny — in the same way an attorney would evaluate the story of a defendant on trial.

Let’s jump right in and look at the eight tests Blomberg and Strobel applied to the Gospels to determine if they are legit.

~ The Intention Test ~

This test evaluates whether the Gospels were written with the intention of being treated as historical fact.

Each of the Gospel writers determined, says Blomberg, to clearly communicate detailed fact. He adds, “There’s an important piece of implicit evidence that can’t be overlooked. Consider the way the Gospels are written — in a sober and responsible fashion, with accurate incidental details, with obvious care and exactitude.

In the Gospels we don’t find the outlandish flourishes and blatant mythologizing that are evident in a lot of other ancient writing. It is quite apparent that the goal of the Gospel writers was to attempt to record what actually occurred…


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