How to Dismantle Christianity

by Elijah Thompson

Have you ever wanted a good, solid conversation starter?

A conversation starter that allowed you to bypass all of the uncomfortable small-talk and got you right into the meat of a discussion about deep stuff? Stuff so deep it’ll make your average fishing or workout buddy uncomfortable?

Easy! Just ask them “What would it take to get you to change your beliefs about God?

Who cares about talking about the weather?! I want to talk about metaphysics and epistemology and how it relates to your understanding of God’s existence!

When a friend of mine first proposed the question, “What would it take to get me to change my belief about God?” I thought it would be a little too much fun to talk about it. After all, epistemology (the study of knowledge) and God are two of my favorite topics to discuss. However, the more I thought about it… and the more research I did… the more I realized that I’m not entirely sure what would cause me, personally, to change my belief about God.

In general, if someone believes something (lets call it X)… and a defeater is presented for X, there are two options. They either give up the belief, or provide a defeater for that defeater and maintain the belief. Well, I guess you could ignore the defeater, but let’s imagine there is no deliberate cognitive dissonance going on here.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with defeaters in epistemology, here’s an example…


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