Important Trends in 2018: Women in Apologetics

by Sean McDowell

In 2018, I am planning to use my blog to highlight some important trends in the wider culture and specifically in the world of apologetics. One important trend, that I thought would be important to start the year with, is the explosion of interest in apologetics among women.

Marilyn Tyner is on the front lines of this movement. She recently answered some of my questions about this new trend, the upcoming “Women in Apologetics” conference at Biola, and her personal ministry. Enjoy!

SEAN MCDOWELL: There seems to be a significant growth in women doing apologetics. Why do you think this is the case?

TYNER: Christian women today are catching a vision for the importance, and even excitement, of apologetics. In fact, I see a wave of enthusiasm rising to meet new and increasing challenges to the Christian faith—all part of the spiritual battle for souls. Women seem to be bringing a new dimension of grace and humility into the realm of apologetics. And they’re recognizing the high calling of sharing the Gospel, defending the faith, and helping unbelievers advance to the cross!

As one of the first few women in this field of study (in 1990), I felt like a misfit. I only knew of two other women in my MA program. Yet lately, God has raised up many women to pursue a working knowledge of apologetics. Some of these “everyday apologists” engage in God-conversations to share their faith in Christ, and when applicable, they offer solid reasons for the truth of Christianity (1 Peter 3:15). Other women have earned formal degrees in apologetics, and as a result, doors have opened for them to speak, teach, and write. For example, three women now serve as professors of apologetics at Houston Baptist University.

Another reason for this movement is that, until recently, most Christian women were unfamiliar with the term “apologetics” and unaware that in Christian theology, apologetics is a branch of evangelism. This definition has stimulated the interest of women because Jesus extended the Great Commission to all His followers. So women—not just men—are called to be evangelists and apologists…


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