Is Jesus Merely a Myth? Interview with author David Marshall

by Sean McDowell

I first heard of David Marshall when I encountered his book responding to the claims of the New Atheists (which is excellent, by the way). Then I heard him do an excellent job defending the existence of Jesus in a radio debate with Richard Carrier on Unbelievable. After that, I thought, “I really need to meet this guy. He’s sharp and making some unique arguments!”

We touched base shortly after that and he agreed to answer a few of my questions about his work on the historical Jesus. His book is easy to read, and yet it is packed with some fresh insights. Enjoy the interview and think about getting a copy of his outstanding book: Jesus is no Myth.

MCDOWELL: Your book is called Jesus is no Myth. Who says Jesus is a myth, besides a few fringes on the Internet? Why write a 300-page book to say something that almost every informed person recognizes already?

MARSHALL: The purpose of Jesus is No Myth is not merely to prove that some chap named Yeshua walked around Palestine 2000 years ago, but that the amazing things the Gospels tell us about him are true. I do take on the most popular mythicist in this book—and in one-on-one debates—but the notion that Jesus never even lived is mere collateral damage to my main argument. The subtitle of the book is “the fingerprints of God on the Gospels,” because I argue that there is powerful evidence within the gospels—like fingerprints on a windowsill, or DNA on a knife—that God has given this corner of history a personal and world-transforming twist…


Is Jesus Merely a Myth? Interview with author David Marshall | Sean