Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors?

by Mark Pickering and Peter Saunders

Virtually every area of apologetics stands or falls on the Bible. We claim Jesus is the only way because he made that clear in the Bible. We also know that God will be fair to those who’ve never heard the gospel because of his character revealed in the Bible. Without a reliable record of God’s workings in history our faith is meaningless.

No matter how firmly we believe in Christ, without a sure foundation in Scripture we may well be deluding ourselves. The fundamental problem with non-Christian pictures of Jesus is that they have no historical basis – they are made up fables.

Sadly, that is how many of our friends view the biblical Jesus. Most Muslims in particular see the Bible as a corruption of God’s original revelation. Hence they discount the biblical Jesus as the mental product of devious priests.[1] Countless others regard the Bible as historically unreliable at best, dismissing it without a serious hearing.

Of course we should not forget the action of the Holy Spirit. ‘The word of God is living and active – it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.'[2] We must never be put off from sharing the gospel or the Bible with friends simply because they could have objections we can’t answer. We may find that God has been at work and that they are ready to hear without bringing up objections. However, there will always be those with genuine questions, and for their sake as well as ours we need to be able to give reasons why we hold Scripture to be trustworthy…


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