Tips for Apologetic Conversations

by Boyd Guy

Having a conversation with someone who strongly disagrees with you is difficult. I have been privileged to do mission work on five continents, yet some of the most difficult conversations have been right here at home in America. Over the years I have learned some biblical guidelines that have helped me speak with skeptics about Christian faith. I have rolled together ten of those tips in the included video, but I want to offer a few additional details through this blog post on the first five points.

Tip #1 – Model the same demeanor as Jesus. Mark 10:21

Almost instinctively, I have the tendency to look at people and overanalyze them. Even after many years of walking with the LORD, I still struggle in this area. This is rooted in the natural tendency to weigh everything the eyes see and can be traced all the way back to the garden temptation (Gen. 3:6). Only God can judge properly and He evaluates the heart rather than the outward appearance (1 Sam. 16:7).

In Mark 10, a rich man approached Jesus to learn of eternal life. Verse 21 specifically says that Jesus looked at him and felt love for him. Since God is all-knowing, he knew the rich man and how he would respond. The love Jesus felt for the man was despite the pending rejection. As Christians, we are called to model that same demeanor–seeing people and loving them without judgement and regardless of how they respond to the Christian message. Without this first and foundational tip, any defense for Christ is rendered inappropriate in representing him…


Tips for Apologetic Conversations | Louisiana Baptists