Tips for Beginning Apologetics

by Lucas W. Munachen

After a short break over the holidays, it feels good to be back in the apologist’s seat. Getting here wasn’t easy and I made plenty of the mistakes along the way. As the new year begins I’d like to offer a few handy tips for those interested in entering apologetics.

We all make mistakes at some point in our lives. This is especially true when we first start out pursuing what we’re passionate about. The amount of mistakes beginner apologists make can be vast and I regrettably made many myself. These following tips are inspired first and foremost by the mistakes I made as a naïve defender as well as advice from other experienced apologists.

Know What You’re Getting Into

When I began I didn’t really know what apologetics was. I had never even heard the word before atheist channels mentioned “Christian apologists.” For me, apologetics was nothing more than an angry attack towards the non-believing and that made way for a number of grave mistakes. I believed I could master my defence by simply watching a few youtube debates between atheists and Christian philosophers. I believed I could engage in a debate with a skeptic only after reading a few articles from Got Questions. Although watching online debates is a useful tool for those choosing to enter the field they are by no means the be all and end all.

In summary, Apologetics is a discipline that requires much thought and study. Like any ministry, you should think and pray about why you desire to enter the field before you do so. Entering with the mindset of attacking the atheist community, like I once had, only leads to frustration and exhaustion. You should enjoy learning because apologetics is for yourself as much it is for the honest skeptic. After I realized my mistake I’m grateful that the Lord had placed in me a desire to learn so that I could seriously pursue this ministry. Pursuing apologetics for the right reasons will also help you avoid this next mistake…


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