Why Training is Mandatory for Apologetics

by Robby Hall

​One of my hobbies is training in Martial Arts.  Specifically, an Israeli system called Krav Maga. It is a realistic system of combat developed for the Israeli military that parts of which are now being taught to civilians.  The core of Krav Maga is instilling muscle memory so that students and quickly learn and develop skills necessary to survive a violent encounter.

The main way this is achieved is through what is known as Stress Training.  Stress training is usually done by bringing a person close to physical exhaustion and then having them perform techniques and combative strikes repeatedly.  This simulates the stress felt during an attack and helps not only to install muscle memory, but lessens the chances of freezing up during such an attack.

In Christian apologetics, such training is also needed.  It’s one thing to study the arguments for Christianity, but it is another to be able to answer questions when the heat is on and you are being pressed by a non-Christian for answers.  This can be achieved through role play with others studying apologetical arguments.  The internet is a good source of arguments against Christianity, so people can take on the role of atheist, LDS, Jehovah’s Witness, etc. and present those arguments and questions while you practice fielding and answering those questions.

Training is essential in learning to present an argument under pressure.  Without training, we may find ourselves left flat-footed when we are presented with questions…


Why Training is Mandatory for Apologetics | Sheepdog Faith