12 Reasons You Should Think Deeply About Human Evil

by Alisa Childers

Welcome to the most depressing blog post ever….or is it the most hopeful?  I’ll let you decide. Could it possibly be a good thing to learn about and ponder the Nazi Holocaust, American slavery, the Nanking massacre, the Rwanda genocide, and the atrocities of ISIS? In his new book, Why Does God Allow Evil? Clay Jones argues that it is.

Jones begins by walking the reader through some of the most heinous atrocities committed in all of human history. I’ll be honest—it’s difficult to read. But reading about these disturbing events illuminates the fact that they are not few and far between, and for the most part, not committed by insane psychopaths. For example, he notes that genocide is mostly committed by those whom most of us would call otherwise normal and “good” people:

​It has been fascinating to me that absolutely every genocide researcher I have ever read (and I’ve read a lot of them) and absolutely every genocide victim I’ve ever read— to a person— concludes that genocide is what the average person does.

Good old regular folks—loving fathers, daughters, and sons—all of us…..are capable of genocide. (If you’re thinking, “No way! Not me!” I encourage you to read the book.) Why do we need to think about the depth of human evil? Here are 12 reasons Jones gives in his book, and why thinking about them will make you a stronger Christian:

1. We’ve gotten the problem of evil upside-down.

We all have a tendency to see ourselves, and most people as inherently good. These messages are all over our culture….people are born good, and have to learn to do evil. However, a quick glance through human history will prove otherwise. When confronted with the unsettling reality of what humans have done throughout history, the question changes from “Why does God allow evil?” to “Why does God allow humans?” It’s a powerful and game-changing question that puts the problem of evil right side up…


12 Reasons You Should Think Deeply About Human Evil | Alisa Childers