7 Fascinating Facts that Make the Bible Unique

by Sean McDowell

The Bible is a unique book. There is no other book that even stands in its category. Below are seven factors that show how the Bible stands apart from all other books in history. We list many more facts in the updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

1. Unique in Authorship. The Bible was written by roughly forty different people from a whole range of backgrounds. Authors include kings (Solomon), fishermen (Peter), doctors (Luke), military leaders (Joshua), tax collectors (Matthew), and even some who are unknown. Biblical writers include almost every type of person: wise and foolish, faithful and treacherous, rich and poor, innocent and guilty, and young and old.

2. Unique in Literary Genre. The Bible is written in a multitude of distinct literary forms (or genres). It includes poetry (Song of Songs), history (Exodus), law (Leviticus), historical biographies (Gospels), songs (Psalms), wise sayings (Proverbs), letters (e.g., Romans), and more. Other ancient literary works utilize a multiplicity of literary genres, but the biblical authors use them in order to focus their audience’s attention on one supreme metanarrative.

3. Unique in its Languages. The Bible is written in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). Each of these dialects has a particular way of using words, painting images, and describing reality. Quite obviously, most books are written in one language alone…

7 Fascinating Facts that Make the Bible Unique