Gold Metallic Umbrellas (An Apologetic Parable Exposing Relativism)

by Marilyn Tyner

Pomeroy’s busy week delivering spiritual birthday gifts meant more parties for the angels. Joy erupted in heaven every time a human received living water. “Pomeroy the Party Angel,” as he was nicknamed, treasured his ministry as a delivery angel. Every day he witnessed people transformed by freedom. And every day he saw heaven’s borders grow bigger.

One day an archangel assigned Pomeroy to mentor a new gift deliverer. As the Party Angel fluffed up white satin bows and loaded packages onto his wings, a junior angel approached him.

“Hi! My name is Cassidy. I’m the new gift deliverer. I’ve just been promoted from gift wrapper. I’ve heard you’re a good trainer, and I promise to be a quick learner.”

“Sounds good, my friend. You can carry a few of these priceless boxes for today’s delivery—some of which you probably wrapped yourself!”

The smaller angel adjusted his wings with a glimmer of gladness in his eye.

Red, Blue, and Lavender Umbrellas

At a swift pace, and with parallel symmetry, the angels dove down to Earth. Many of the humans they observed carried colorful umbrellas—some red, some blue, some lavender.

“Hey, Pomeroy,” Cassidy asked, “what are all those umbrellas for?”

“Each color represents a false religious belief system that people hold on to. The red one claims there is no God. The blue one claims there are hundreds of gods. And the lavender one claims the whole universe is God.”

Cassidy looked puzzled. “So these people with the umbrellas are being deceived?”

“Yes. You see, there’s intense spiritual warfare over the destiny of human souls. Most of the people are unaware of it. Many think they’ve found spiritual truth, when in fact their umbrellas shield them from the pure, life-giving water that’s freely available to them.”

“What about the people who don’t have umbrellas?” Cassidy asked…


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