How to Turn a Conversation Toward Spiritual Things

by David Black

So, you’re hanging out with your friends and you would really like to share something about your faith…do you chicken out or do you take the plunge and, in a break in the conversation, dive right into the “Romans Road” or the 4 spiritual laws? Many people choose to chicken out because they assume that there are only two possibilities: remain silent or share the full Gospel with someone. Fortunately, there are easier and more natural ways to have a spiritual conversation with a friend.

Last weekend, I attended Mission ConneXion in Portland and sat in on a very helpful workshop lead by apologist Dr. Brent Strawsburg, Founder of Brent Strawsburg Apologetics.  Dr. Strawsburg spoke about several ways to share your faith and I wanted to pass one on to you: how to turn a conversation toward spiritual things.

In a culture that increasing rejects the Bible, rejects moral absolutes, and sees Jesus as only a good teacher, jumping right in with a Scripture-heavy approach may shut down the conversation before it starts. Rather than the all-or-nothing approach, Dr. Strawsburg shared several easy ways to naturally turn a conversation toward spiritual things.

Listen for certain conversation topics and then ask questions.

Some conversation topics that occur quite frequently naturally lend themselves to a deeper spiritual conversation. These topics include…


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