Is Apologetics Training “Highly Overrated”?

by Lisa Quitana

I recently received a comment on one of my blogs from a sincere and deeply committed Christian who stated that she saw some uses for apologetics, but said she thinks it’s “highly overrated.” She based her opinion on the understanding that Christianity is not reasonable to fallen man, since spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, and “the man of the flesh (an unredeemed person) cannot know the things of the spirit.” She also said that she doesn’t “believe faith has any more to do with the intellect than with the emotions.” This is true for some people with a tendency to be feelings-oriented. Other people, however, are not feelings-oriented. Some folks are more logical while others are more emotional. We must remember that we were all seekers once, starting out with different tendencies. God doesn’t favor one over the other.

Spiritual truths can be known in two ways: a posteriori, truth known by experience, and a priori, truth known by reason. Like many believers, I came to know God by experience: “a posteriori.” Experiences with God were what I based my faith upon, but soon questions came from skeptics that I couldn’t answer. Wasn’t there more to my faith than just my experiences? I ‘reasoned’ there must be! So, I began to study Christian apologetics. I’ve learned that there are many evidences to the Christian faith, and it is comforting to know them. Many wrestle with the intellectual aspects of the Christian claims before they are open to faith in Christ. Knowing apologetics just may be the seed of faith that we can plant in a seeker’s soul…


Is Apologetics Training “Highly Overrated”? | Think Divinely