Ratio Christi Apologetics Spreads into Pakistan

by Sheryl Young

Pastor Zia Ul Masih is our Ratio Christi leader in Pakistan. He completed his theological education in the city of Lahore. His name means “Light of Jesus.”

His parents are Christians, and his family are among the mere two percent of the Christian Pakistani population. The remaining 98 percent of the population are Muslims.

“But it is not a closed country,” he says. “The government knows Christians are meeting and holding worship services.”

Zia introduces himself as the national director of RC and facilitates apologetics seminars on a monthly basis. “Sometimes we don’t use the RC logo because the seminar is sponsored by another ministry that has agreed to help us. But when I do my own seminars, I always use the RC logo.”

We asked Zia to share how the ministry is going in Pakistan:

Q: How did you find out about Ratio Christi and get involved, all the way in Pakistan?

A: First I met Mr. Brian Stallter, while he visited Pakistan (Stallter helped start RC at Ohio State University). During our two days together, he came to know that I am Christian Apologist in Pakistan. He introduced me to Eric Chabot, the RC chapter director at Ohio State. Later I was introduced to Blake Anderson, who was at that time the Chief Operating Officer of Ratio Christi.

Q: How often do you conduct RC presentations, and in what areas of your country?

A: We go from city to city as much as we can – Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Gujranwala, Serghuba, Khanewal, the capital Islamabad, and more. We do apologetics seminars, and you can see the topics and places on the banners in some of the photos. We arrange seminars with the help of our friends and organizations. We now have groups in many cities that help us manage events and invite all those who need apologetics studies.

Q: In what kinds of places do you meet?

A: Most of the time we select church locations. Many are one-room church buildings. We can invite other pastors, youth, and laymen. We sometimes can use school assembly halls for these purposes, but it must be after school hours because we need the administration’s permission.

Q: Who attends your seminars and outreaches?

A: We are reaching mostly youngsters, youth, and pastors. They can ask us questions regarding the topic for that seminar. So many young people come because they are confused and disappointed in questions raised by skeptics, and because they have heard we give the youth free hand to express their curiosity and questions. We tell them they don’t have to be quiet like in a worship session. They can ask questions directly or send in writing…


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