Should You See the New Samson Movie? Yes! Writer Interview.

by Sean McDowell

I recently got to watch an early release of the new Samson film with my older kids and we all loved it. I asked my kids if I should endorse it and they each gave a rousing “Yes.”

My friend Mark Mittelberg, author of The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask, and the Becoming a Contagious Christian training course (with Lee Strobel and Bill Hybels), developed the church curriculum based on the movie Samson. He answered a few of my questions about the film, which releases on February 16. Enjoy, but more importantly, consider going to watch the movie!

SEAN MCDOWELL: How did you get involved with the Samson film? What’s your role?

MARK MITTELBERG: As an apologist and an evangelist, I spend most of my time writing and speaking in these areas. But a little over a year ago Pure Flix was ramping up to promote The Case for Christ movie, which is based on the story of how my long-time buddy and ministry partner, Lee Strobel, came to Christ. Both Lee and another close friend who happened to be the movie’s screenwriter, Brian Bird, urged me to approach Pure Flix about helping them get the word out to churches and Christian leaders about the movie. I did, and that led to an ongoing partnership with Pure Flix, with me now handling much of their communications to ministries, as well as writing the movie-related discussion guides for The Case for Christ, Same Kind of Different as Me, and now SAMSON. It’s a new arena for me, but I view it as just a different venue for what my life is all about — getting the gospel out in fresh and creative ways…


Should You See the New Samson Movie? Yes! Writer Interview. |