SPECIAL REPORT from The Inaugural Women In Apologetics Conference: “Love God With All Your Mind”

by Sheryl Young

January 19 and 20 of 2018 were historic days in the world of apologetics! The Women in Apologetics ministry (WIA) partnered with Biola University, Intelligent Faith, and Mama Bear Apologetics (an affilitate of RC) to host its first apologetics conference specifically led by women. They achieved another milestone by offering a separate apologetics training track for children, WIA Kids, while their parents attended the conference. The reviews for both were off the charts. The conference will become an annual event (Jan. 11-12, 2019) with the hopes of hosting mini WIA conferences across the country.

Ratio Christi was well represented. Laurie Stewart (she and husband John run Intelligent Faith and are also affiliated with RC International) serves as WIA’s president, Hillary Ferrer (founder of Mama Bear Apologetics) serves as vice-president, and Rachel Shockey (an approved RC Chapter Director), serves as chairperson and is the executive director of WIA. All three women are students in the master’s program at Biola. Shockey and Stewart approached Craig Hazen (far left in top photo),  founder and director of Biola’s M.A. Program in Christian Apologetics and director of the M.A. Program in Science and Religion, about creating a women’s conference. And as they say, the rest is (now) history. The keynote speakers were Mary Jo Sharp, Melissa Cain Travis, Hillary Morgan Ferrer, and Natasha Crain. Of the twelve breakout sessions offered, four were led by RC women: Jane Pantig, Scarlett Clay, Julie Loos, and Stewart. Ratio Christi also hosted a promotional table with the help of Chris Sandoval, chapter director at UC Irvine.

Registration (which included a few men), was 200 strong, plus 59 via Livestream, and 29 children. Elizabeth Urbanowicz, along with volunteers, led WIA Kids for those in third through sixth grades. They engaged in a variety of activities to help them think through what Truth is, how they can learn Truth, and how Truth applies to their lives…


SPECIAL REPORT from The Inaugural Women In Apologetics Conference: “Love God With All Your Mind