Stop Making Speeches and Start Asking Questions

by Nate Sala

Remember the day before a test at school? If you’re like me, you spent that evening cramming as much knowledge as you possibly could into your mind in the hopes that most (if not all) of it would somehow stay there until morning. The next day you walk into class, but you’ve loaded so much information and expectations onto your shoulders that you’re incredibly anxious and there’s a sinking feeling in your gut.

This is how a lot of us feel when sharing our faith with our friends and neighbors. We approach them like we’re taking a test. Sometimes we remember everything we planned to say. Sometimes we stutter and stumble and start and stop our way through long-winded speeches. On top of that, halfway through our speech these folks clam up, fold their arms, and shut down.

Friends, there is a better way to reach the people in our lives for Christ! Instead of memorizing long speeches that culminate with the sinner’s prayer, just ask questions. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting we remain unstudied when it comes to the Gospel (or theology or apologetics). I’m also not advocating to ask any old random question. Rather, we should ask the right questions at the right time to lead someone to confront the consequences of their beliefs. It is this very act of asking the right questions that tests and tills the soil of a person’s heart to receive the Gospel (by the power of the Holy Spirit).

Here are two good reasons to use questions in your evangelism and apologetics…


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