Think Kids Can’t Handle An Apologetics Conference? We Just Did it… And Here’s How it Went!

by Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Have you ever noticed that apologetic events seem like the only place where there isn’t a line at the women’s restroom? As a female with a tiny bladder and a thirty-four-ounce Nalgene, I am usually thankful for this fact. However, as an apologist, I am concerned. The absence of a line at the ladies’ room means that apologetic conferences are missing two significant demographics, women and kids.

Why is this? I am so glad you asked! You see, apologetic conferences are not exactly geared toward children. And if children can’t attend, who do you think is at home caring for them? You guessed it – Mom.

While many argue “This is just how it is,” this current arrangement of apologetic conferences presents a considerable problem. If we desire to impact the next generation through apologetics, our target audience cannot be middle-aged males. Why not? Well, it is not middle-aged males who are driving the next generation to soccer practice, helping with their homework, or tucking them into bed. Moms are the ones in the daily grind, where real-life apologetic issues arise. But, if we continue to make apologetic events inaccessible to moms, we are essentially crippling our troops on the front lines.

So, why not offer childcare at apologetics conferences? This would enable husbands and wives to attend apologetic events together, growing them closer as a married unit, and equipping them for apologetic discipleship in their homes. But, wait a minute! What if we kicked up this vision a notch? What if, rather than merely providing childcare, we offered apologetics training for kids? What a novel, yet brilliant idea!

Why aren’t we all doing this?!

While many recognize the benefit of including the whole family in apologetic training, most are skeptical about the practicality of kids’ programming. “Children aren’t interested in apologetics.” “Kids really don’t need apologetics until they’re in high school.” “Not enough of our people are trained.” “It just won’t work.” Some might consider these to be excuses. I think they are just misunderstandings.

As an elementary educator with a decade of classroom experience and a soon-to-be graduate of Biola’s Apologetics Department, let me clear up a few of these misconceptions…


Think Kids Can’t Handle An Apologetics Conference? We Just Did it… And Here’s How it Went!