5 uncomfortable facts atheists need to hear

by Barak Lurie

The title of my book – Atheism Kills – seems to have unleashed an apocalyptic hate-fest of epithets, insults and general cantankery at the proposition that atheism as a governing ideology kills. But I still believe the ideology of atheism is deeply destructive. The atheist rarely contemplates the following five uncomfortable truths. But they need to. There are consequences to the atheistic mindset. And they are all horrific.

1. Atheism is responsible for more deaths than Judaism or Christianity

Fascism and communism – both of which were atheist ideologies – murdered more than 150 million people in the 20th Century alone.

Communist and other godless regimes have continued to kill hundreds of thousands since. Add the millions of rapes, tortures and enslavements by these same godless regimes, and you’ve got yourself a pretty ugly picture.

The atheist’s favorite ‘go to’ accusation against Christianity includes the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials and the church pedophilia scandal. However, even assuming that all such wrongs occurred as a direct result of church doctrine (they did not, but let’s assume so), the numbers dwarf in comparison to what atheism has wrought.

The Crusades involved the deaths of approximately 1.5 million people. Most of them were soldiers on both sides, as well as people who died of disease and other peripheral causes. The Inquisition resulted in less than 5,000 deaths over a span of approximately 300 years. The Salem Witch Trials spanned just four months, resulting in a total of 19 killed.

There are other so-called ‘killings’ that occurred as a result of religious fervor (the French Religious Wars, the 30 Years War, and so forth), but even adding all those up, you could not even reach ten per cent of the numbers of deaths that godless regimes have caused.

To argue that “religion has caused more death than anything else” is a quip that has no basis in fact…

5 uncomfortable facts atheists need to hear