Can Christians Answer One Simple Question?

by Tim Stratton

Why are you a Christian? As a youth pastor and professor at a Christian college, I ask this question to all of my students. The typical answer in response is nothing but a blank stare. After a little coaxing, sometimes I get answers like “’cause I was born in ‘Merica!” With that I respond, “Oh, so if you were born in Afghanistan, then you would be a Muslim?” The blank stare typically returns.

Many in the church today, cannot articulate why they are Christians. Unchanged lives within the church, unfortunately, serve as evidence.

Preaching “Your” Truth

The problem starts at the pulpit. When pastors do not really know why they believe what they preach, people in the pews hear it loud and clear. Attendees will have caught what was not intentionally meant to be taught.

I once heard a pastor say, “The Biblical truth is that Jesus was raised in Nazareth.” While this statement is true and possesses good intentions, statements worded in this manner often lead to postmodern views. People will have caught what was not meant to be taught. Some think “Oh, there is Biblical truth, and there is also Islamic truth, there is Buddhist truth, and there is Star Wars truth. So you can have your Biblical truth, and I will have my Star Wars truth!”

Herein lies the problem: Is it true that Luke Skywalker was raised on the planet Tatooine? Yes, that is a true statement. Next question: Is it true that Jesus was raised in Nazareth? Yes, that is also a true statement. Both of these propositions are true within their narratives, but only one of these statements corresponds to reality. That is to say, only one of these statements is really true…

Can Christians Answer One Simple Question?