Did the Disciples See Jesus Alive After the Resurrection?

by David Black

There is quite a bit of evidence that Jesus was crucified. A number of biblical authors attest to this but several ancient non-Christian writers do as well. The big question then, and indeed the crux of the whole truth of Christianity, is whether Jesus came back to life after three days as the biblical authors claim.

Many skeptics seek 100% certainty or proof that Jesus rose from the dead. Those seeking this type of proof will be disappointed. However, just like in an investigation or court case, we can examine all the evidence and decide which explanation best fits the evidence we have.

When it comes to whether Jesus rose from the dead, one of the biggest facts that we have available to us is the fact that Jesus’ disciples, and as many as several hundred people, believed that they saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion. How do we know this fact?

Several biblical authors claim that Jesus appeared to the disciples and others. Now, before you skeptical authors object that I am using the Bible as evidence, let’s just consider that one doesn’t need to accept the inerrant, inspired authority of the Bible to accept the claim. The Bible is, after all, a piece of ancient literature; and we can investigate it as we would other types of ancient literature and try to see what the authors are claiming. In this case, it is clear that the authors claimed to have seen Jesus after his crucifixion and they claimed that as many as several hundred had seen him. In fact, nearly all New Testament scholars, both Christians and non-Christians, accept as fact that the disciples claimed and believed that they saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion…

Did the Disciples See Jesus Alive After the Resurrection?