How Do You Talk to Kids About God? Interview with Author Natasha Crain

by Sean McDowell

With the popularity of her blog and books, Natasha Crain has exploded onto the scene as an important voice in the world of parenting and apologetics (and beyond!). Her story, which she briefly shares below, is both encouraging and motivating for those of us who deeply care about equipping and reaching the next generation.

Natasha gave me the opportunity to write the foreword for her second book, Talking with Your Kids about God. In this book, she not only offers answers to some of the toughest questions kids ask about the existence of God, belief in God, and the character of God, she offers practical steps for how parents can teach these truths to their kids. Talking with Your Kids about God is one of the few books I consider a “must read” for parents.

Natasha answered a few of my questions about her life, ministry, and writing projects. Enjoy!

SEAN MCDOWELL: As a mom, what motivates you to care so much about apologetics?

NATASHA CRAIN: When I first started blogging six years ago, I didn’t know about apologetics. I just wanted to write about Christian parenting in general. But after my readership started growing and people were sharing my posts online, my blog started attracting skeptics who wanted to challenge just about everything I said about Christianity. I had no idea how to respond, despite being a lifelong Christian. Honestly, I was pretty taken aback. How could I have grown up in a Christian home, attended church all my life, and never heard these challenges to my beliefs? More importantly, how could I not have any answers to offer?

I started searching for those answers and learned what apologetics was. I buried myself in reading and fell in love with the beauty of all the evidence God has given us for the truth of Christianity. In that process, I read the statistics for the first time about how at least 60 percent of kids are rejecting their Christian faith by their early 20s. That was an aha moment for me. Research was showing that kids were leaving their faith because of the same kinds of objections I was hearing from my blog commenters. I realized that there’s a generational gap going on. Most parents are like I was before starting my blog—they simply don’t have any idea how strong the faith challenges are today…

How Do You Talk to Kids About God? Interview with Author Natasha Crain